New Client Area Interface

 Nov 29th

Dear Customers,

We are working on new client area interface and it will be available very soon.

Feel free to contact us if you face any issue in new interface.

LankaHost Web Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Updated Domain Registration and Renewal Pricing

 Jul 15th

With effect from 15th July 2017, following rates apply for domain registration and renewals. Domain Price when you register/renew with a Hosting Package TLD Registration Renewal .com Rs 1500.00 Rs 1600.00 .net Rs 1600.00 Rs 1700.00 .org Rs 1800.00 Rs 2000.00 .biz Rs 1700.00 Rs 1800.00 .info Rs 1600.00 Rs ... Read More »

Network Issue - 02.07.2017

 Jul 2nd

Currently we are unable to reach datacenter network. You can get updated here

Discontinuation of Old Hosting Plans

 Jun 1st

Dear Customers, We have discontinued sales of our following old hosting packages several years ago. However still you were able to renew and use the product at same cost. During recent pricing review, we have noticed that company is no longer in position to offer the packages due to exchange rate inflation and increase of up-link providers ... Read More »

Joomla! Security News - Version 3.7.0 has released and upgrade yours

 Apr 26th

Following issues found in Joomla. Please upgrade your Joomla site to Version 3.7.0 as soon as possible. [20170408] - Core - Information Disclosure Posted: 25 Apr 2017 08:30 AM PDT Project: Joomla! SubProject: CMS Severity: Low Versions: 3.4.0 through 3.6.5 Exploit type: Information Disclosure Reported Date: 2016-Feb-06 Fixed Date: ... Read More »

Beware of Ransomware | අලුත්ම පරිගණක වෛරසයකින් ප්‍රවේසම් වන්න’යි අවවාද

 Apr 18th

(විනීතා එම් ගමගේ) ඊ-තැපෑලක (email) ස්වරූපයෙන් මේ වන විට පරිගණක වෛරසයක් අන්තර්ජාලයේ ව්‍යාප්ත වෙමින් පවතින බව ශ්‍රී ලංකා පරිගණක හදිසි ... Read More »

Limited Support on Holidays

 Apr 9th

Dear Customers,Please note, LK Domain Registration requests made after 10th of April will be process after 17th of April due to the limited availability of the LK Domain Registry. We are working on getting pending orders activated before New Year holidays start. Also LankaHost staff will not available over the phone on April 13th ,14th ,15th and ... Read More »

Domain Price Increase

 Jan 14th

Domain Renewal prices for com domains will increase by Rs 100.00

PHPMailer Exploit [Critical]

 Dec 30th

A serious exploit was discovered recently in the most popular mailing script. It is used by many software including WordPress and Joomla. "PHPMailer continues to be the world's most popular transport class, with an estimated 9 million users worldwide. Downloads continue at a significant pace ... Read More »