Discontinuation of WebSitePanel based ASP.NET Hosting and new Plesk Hosting Packages

 Oct 17th

Dear Customers,We were informed by WebSitePanel development team, they have stoped the product development. It seems they have discontinue to product.Therefor, we also decided to discontinue our WebSitePanel hosting. Going forward, we only offer Windows Hosting based on Plesk control panel only.With this ASP.NET Developer (250 MB) package will be ... Read More »

Hurricane Matthew

 Oct 6th

**** Hurricane Matthew ***** We were informed by the Data Center that our Data Center will be get hit by Hurricane Matthew.https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-matthew-united-states-impacts Data Center staff itself are preparing to face Hurricane Matthew with emergency infrastructure. This is to ensure all services remain up and ... Read More »