Upcoming Hardware Upgrade Notice -  WordPress Hosting

Dear Customer,
Please be informed, we have planned an upgrade on WordPress Hosting (Ultra-WP) server this weekend.  We are upgrading the primary disk as NVME SSD which gives higher I/O performance for your web site which help with the improving the loading speed of web sites and stability of the server during malware scans. The new server currently being setting up and we are planning to migrate sites to the new environment as per the following scheduled;

Migration date: Sunday 6th September 2020

Start from: 4.30 A.M (local time)

Migration Duration – 2 to 3 hours

Impact: There is no action is required as we will be assigning same existing IP to the new server. However, it may take a few minutes to swap the netblocks and re-configure the accounts with the IP. Therefore, there might be 20 minutes – 30 minutes outage during this process.

There is no action requires from your end as we persist the same server IP. Please refrain upgrading web site during above migration schedule.


Please find update on this migration below

Update - 6.30 AM

All the accounts were migrated to server with temporarly IP :

We have postponed the network re-configuration activity, the server need to swich between two netblocks

The customers who are using our dns (dns46.lankahost.net and dns47.lankahost.net) have no impact, your account already in the new server and will update DNS internally in between temporary IP.

cPanel login and client area login has been re-directed to new IP until network configuration get updated to the existing IP.

The customers using external DNS services such as cloudflyer, will resolve from the old server. We will migrate those accounts again after the netblock updated.

The request to update netblock has been made with data center and has arranged for 8.00 P.M tonight.

For those customers not using our DNS to access your cPanel, are required to use the IP address of the server,


Update 8.30 P.M

The network team is in the process of updating the network settings. Accounts that are not using our name servers may stop working until we bring up the IP in to the new server.

Update 8.45 P.M

The server has been re-configured with same IP.  We will migrate the sites which are not using our name servers back to new server within next 15 - 30 minutes time.

 Friday, September 4, 2020

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