Upcoming Network Migration – WordPress Hosting

This is to inform, that we are migrating the network infrastructure of WordPress Hosting. As we found couple of network issues with existing network location (Los Angeles) we are moving the account to different location (Dallas) to provide better service.  

 Migration Window:

Saturday 9th of May 2020

Starts at 3.30. AM (Sri Lankan time)

If you are using our name servers (dns46.lankahost.net / dns47.lankahost.net), there is no action required from your end.

However, if you are connected your site through custom DNS records, please note, you are required to update the IP address to new IP.

New IP Address for the server is:

If you wish to arrange your migration before the above migration schedule, please contact us. We can do advanced migration for you.


Feel free to contact us if any questions.



LankaHost Support

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This migration has been completed.

We changed the server name as https://ultrawp.lankahost.net (you can use it going forward)

PHP timezone has been changed to Asia/Colombo (It was set to PHP before)

 Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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