Our monitoring system reported couple of network issues with the US based networks today from 4.00 P.M in the afternoon (30/08/2020). We are checking with up stream providers.

Currently, one of the major fiber providers (Level 3) for the east coast of the United States is experiencing an outage or routing issue. The data centers are doing everything in at their power to restore services but much of the issue lies beyond the control of data center . Thank you for your understanding as we work through this issue.

 You can see updates from various source here



 It is not just us, this effecting virtually every provider worldwide including CloudFlyer, Amazon US

Update: 7.30 P.M

One of our peers is/was announcing stale routes causing connectivity issues for many clients worldwide. We have reengineered our BGP sessions to work around the issue but some networks may still be affected.
Affected servers are working for some locations and ISP now.

Update : 8.20 P.M [Resolved]

Our monitoring system reported, the servers are online again. Also, we tested from multiple locations and the web sites hosted on the servers are accessible.


We thank for everyone for understanding and support given us during this period.

LankaHost Support Team

 Sunday, August 30, 2020

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